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The scale includes one line for the acupuncture method, 2 for spunlaced method, which are both introduced from Europe. However, in 2011, the new formed one line of the acupuncture method is a domestic line. The main products are of areas of synthetic leather, car inner decoration, hygiene material. At present, the enterprise is advanced in domestic in the high property series synthetic leather, such as jin polyester PVA, cloth, leather on high shrinkage fiber/island fiber cloth leather base. The new car interior materials have successfully penetrated in high-grade car market such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Audi, Honda, etc. The other products, such as bamboo products, fiber in absorbent cotton products, superfine fiber products are all unique. Not only does the product style have straight and cross spread nets technique, but also the patterns have tabby, mesh, ginning, etc.

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